Town House

Town House

town house refers to a type of residential dwelling that is typically part of a row or terrace of similar-looking houses. Townhouses are characterized by their multi-level structure and shared walls with neighboring units.

Townhouses are often found in urban or suburban areas and offer a balance between the privacy of a standalone house and the convenience of shared amenities and proximity to urban amenities. They are known for their vertical design, with multiple floors that typically include bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, and a kitchen.

When filling out categories on a real estate property website, the “Town house” category is used to describe properties that fit this specific architectural style and housing arrangement. This category helps potential buyers or tenants looking for townhouse-style properties to find suitable listings. It provides information about the number of floors or levels, the layout of the townhouse, any shared amenities (such as parking, gardens, or community spaces), and other relevant details that would be of interest to individuals or families seeking a townhouse as their residence.

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