Compound House

Compound House

Compound house refers to a residential property that consists of multiple independent housing units within a shared compound or premises. Each housing unit within the compound houses is typically self-contained and can function as a separate living space with its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living areas.

Compound houses are commonly found in areas where land is limited or expensive, and they provide a solution for maximizing land usage while accommodating multiple households or families. They offer a sense of community and shared amenities within the compound, while still allowing for privacy and individual living spaces.

When filling out categories on a real estate property website, the “Compound House” category is used to describe properties that consist of multiple housing units within a shared compound. This category helps potential buyers or tenants looking for such arrangements to find suitable properties. It provides information about the number of housing units within the compound, the size and layout of each unit, shared amenities (such as gardens, parking areas, or recreational facilities), and other relevant details that would be of interest to individuals or families seeking a compound house as their residence.

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