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Tips To Selecting The Right Window For Your Property

Jumat, April 5th 2019.

Significantly reduce your cooling and heating bills by replacing your windows with energy efficient window systems. But choosing the right window for your property is not an easy task, considering that many different styles, materials and features you can choose from today. Moreover, this project is a huge investment. It is very crucial for you to do research prior to making a decision to avoid headaches later on.

When To Opt For New Or Replacement Windows

New windows are often installed if the homeowner wants to change the shape and size of the current window opening. If so, it will be necessary for you to invest in a completely new window. Generally, this job will require the work of a contractor. Although new windows don’t usually cost more than replacement, the added labour cost makes it a more expensive option. A huge advantage of choosing new windows is that you have option to change the feel and appearance of your property completely, inside and outside.

If you choose to go for replacement windows, know that this will involve the old windows without troubling the surrounding frame. Replacing the window with new ones is not necessary. But replacement windows will have the same cost as new windows but the overall cost is lesser since there will be no labour cost added.

If the existing frame fits the decoration of your home and is still in great condition, replacement windows can be your best option. The savings can be helpful if budget is a huge consideration. Some window manufacturers can also customise your window systems to fit any opening.

Different Window Styles

Single/Double Hung – These are one of the most common windows found in most homes. They have 2 separate sashes that can be opened and closed by sliding it down or up. The single hung opens from the bottom whereas the double hung can be opened from the top or bottom. When creating air flow, double hung is the best choice by lowering the top sash. These are well-suited for homes with small children.

Casement – These windows will have a large sash that is hinged vertically and be opened by swinging out. To open these, a lever or other mechanism can be used.

Awning – These are hinged at the top and can be opened by tilting it out from the bottom. They are the most suitable choices for bathrooms and coastal areas.

Slider – These slide from side to side. They are excellent choices if there is limited space outside to swing it open.

With plenty of window styles and types to choose from, these tips and pieces of information can be of great help.

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