House At Jeruk Purut South Jakarta Location Suitable For Expart Why?

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House at Jeruk Purut South Jakarta Suitable For Expart ?

House At Jeruk Purut South Jakarta

House At Jeruk Purut South Jakarta. The name Jeruk Purut comes from the citrus fruit, a type of orange with a sour taste. Initially it was a kampung (village) which later turned into a residential area for foreigners working in Jakarta. Jeruk Purut gentrification began after the late 1970’s. Kampung Jeruk purut, which is near Kemang which underwent a similar change. Is sometimes referred to as “Kemang” as well, although it is a different village.

Jeruk Purut used to be a Betawi village which had a mosque in a traditional Javanese style. During the 1970’s, land in Kemang was sold to be used as a house. Jeruk Purut character is green and lush which attracts people to live in this area, including expats. This neighborhood is also close to Jakarta’s Golden Triangle. This also makes it easier for expats who want to go downtown. But don’t want to waste too much traffic time each day.

Jeruk Purut Place has grown. Into a bustling area known for its international-oriented facilities. Such as traditional craft retails and night clubs. Some of the original kampung still exists behind the high-class residential apartment and housing complex. This unique contrast between the original Muslim community and the international expatriate community. Has created a unique laid-back typology that feels more like an old town than a new city. At present, Jeruk Purut Area is filled with businesses and homes. Hotels, banks, food courts, restaurants, cafes and bars, salons, nightclubs and shops are abundant. There are also academic institutions with international standards are also there to complete the neighborhood.

House At Jeruk Purut South Jakarta Location Suitable Why The Expart like living in thare

There are also many foreign workers or expatriates, to rent a house there. House At Jeruk Purut South Jakarta. Because the Jeruk Purut area already has sufficient facilities to meet the needs of the expatriates. For facilities in the Jeruk Purut area, namely :

  • Compound (Penta, kenanga resident, and many) and Houses.
  • International schools ( Netherland in jeruk purut , Australia in pejaten barat, JIS in pondok indah, New Zealand in kemang, Lycee in cipete and British in Bintaro).
  • Central Businnes Many Offices located in the TB Simatupang area (Medco, Trakindo, and others).
  • Toll Gates  as well as to Sokarno Hatta International Airport. Can be taken only 30 until 45 minute. If you want vacation to Puncak Pass ( Gede-pangrango Montain). In Bogor Jawa Barat same time duration to Air port. There you can feel the fresh Air becuse there because there the weather is very cold and foggy. And it often rains. You can walk in tea tree in there. Or, You Can hiking to Top the montain. Also to Golf course, Cibereum Water Fall within the Cibodas National Park area . And many alse rare Plant   and wild animal in Gede Pangrango Park. Or to Anyer Beach, Ujung Kulon long duration just 1 – 2 hours. You can see the beach, like Pasir putih, Karang bolong, or to Merak port of crossing to the island of Sumatra.

  • Shopping center Trans Mart in Cilandak just 5 minute form jeruk purut area. And to Cilandak Town Squere (Citos), Lippo Kemang, Pejaten Village and Pondok Indah Mall. can be reached in only 10 – 15 minutes by car.

  • Hospital ( Siloam TB Simatupang, Pondok Indah).
  • Restorant many Restorant in jeruk purut area. You can get it while looking at the surrounding area, such as on Jalan Ampera Raya, there are lots of culinary delights from local food ( Konro from sulawesi )to international food
  • House At Jeruk Purut South Jakarta

East Cilandak Sub-district. Pasar Minggu has a zip code of 12560. This sub-district is located in Pasar Minggu sub-district, South Jakarta. This sub-district was previously a Cilandak sub-district. Before a regional arrangement by the DKI Jakarta Regional Government moved it to the Pasar Minggu area.

This sub-district has a population of people and an area of ​​± km2. This sub-district is adjacent to Jl. Kemang Selatan (Kelurahan Bangka). On the north, Kali Krukut (Kelurahan Pondok Labu). On the west, Jl. Cilandak KKO and Jl Ampera Raya (Kelurahan Ragunan) to the east and Jalan Wildlife Barat (Kelurahan Jagakarsa) to the south.

Yes, that’s a short story about the Jeruk Purut area. There that are still close to Kemang, Ampera, Pejaten Barat and Cilandak, Cipete and Pondok Indah areas. In this area there is no flood.

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