Tastefully Designed 4-Bedroom House with Private Pool in Executive Paradise Complex, South Jakarta

4-Bedroom House with Pool at Executive Paradise Complex

For Rent 4-Bedrooms at Executive Paradise Complex, South Jakarta


4-Bedroom House at Executive Paradise Complex– Are you in search of a luxurious and spacious home in the vibrant city of Jakarta? Look no further! This listing offers an excellent opportunity to rent a beautiful 4-bedroom property with a pool at the prestigious Executive Paradise Complex, located in Cilandak, South Jakarta. This article will provide you with all the essential details and amenities this exquisite property has to offer.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Paradise Complex: A Coveted Address
  2. Property Overview
    • 2.1 Land Area and Built Area
    • 2.2 Furnishing Status
    • 2.3 Payment Terms
    • 2.4 Price and Flexibility
  3. Luxurious Facilities in Executive Paradise
    • 3.1 Swimming Pools
    • 3.2 Fitness Center
    • 3.3 Sports Facilities
    • 3.4 Playground Areas
    • 3.5 Food & Beverage Area
    • 3.6 Round-the-Clock Security
  4. Contact Information
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Executive Paradise Complex: A Coveted Address

Executive Paradise Complex is renowned for its upscale and exclusive living experience in South Jakarta. Situated on Jl. Pangeran Antasari Raya, this prime location offers convenient access to various amenities, including schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment hubs. The complex is known for its lush greenery, creating a serene and tranquil environment amidst the bustling city.

2. Property Overview 4-Bedroom House at Executive Paradise Complex

2.1 Land Area and Built Area

The property spans an impressive land area of 370 square meters, providing ample space for outdoor activities and landscaping ideas. The built area encompasses 235 square meters, ensuring spacious and comfortable living for the entire family.

2.2 Furnishing Status

The property is offered unfurnished, allowing you the freedom to personalize and decorate the interiors according to your taste and style. Unfurnished spaces provide a blank canvas for you to create a dream home that reflects your personality.

2.3 Payment Terms

The rental terms for this property require a two-year advance payment. This ensures a secure and long-term arrangement for tenants, granting peace of mind and stability.

2.4 Price and Flexibility

Please note that the rental price is subject to change without prior notice. However, with the exclusivity and premium amenities offered by Executive Paradise Complex, the value of this property is unquestionably worth the investment.

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House for Rent in Executive Paradise Antasari

3. Luxurious Facilities in Executive Paradise

Executive Paradise Complex takes pride in providing a wide array of luxurious facilities for its residents. Some of the remarkable amenities available include:

3.1 Swimming Pools

Indulge in the refreshing experience of two swimming pools within the complex. There is a splendid pool located in the club house, perfect for socializing and relaxation. Additionally, a secluded designated area features another pool for a more private and serene swim.

3.2 Fitness Center

For fitness enthusiasts, Executive Paradise offers a state-of-the-art fitness center equipped with modern exercise machines and professional trainers to assist you in achieving your health goals.

3.3 Sports Facilities

Sports lovers will appreciate the squash court and tennis court available within the complex. Engage in friendly matches or improve your skills with these excellent sporting facilities.

3.4 Playground Areas

Families with children will find joy in the indoor and outdoor playgrounds, providing a safe and enjoyable space for kids to have fun and make lasting memories.

3.5 Food & Beverage Area

Executive Paradise includes an F&B area, making dining out a breeze without having to leave the comfort of the complex.

3.6 Round-the-Clock Security

The safety and security of residents are paramount, and that is why Executive Paradise ensures 24-hour security measures are in place to guarantee a secure living environment.

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4. Contact Information

For inquiries and to schedule a viewing, kindly reach out to Putu Rahmawati at 081291564018.

5. FAQs

5.1 Is the property fully furnished?

No, the property is offered unfurnished, allowing you the freedom to design and furnish it as you desire.

5.2 What are the payment terms for renting this property?

The rental terms require a two-year advance payment.

5.3 Are pets allowed in Executive Paradise Complex?

For the specific policy on pets, kindly inquire with the property management.

5.4 Are there any additional maintenance fees?

The rental price excludes maintenance fees for the pool and garden. Please inquire about the specific charges with the property management.

5.5 Can the rental price change during the lease period?

Yes, the rental price is subject to change without prior notice. It is advisable to confirm the current rate before finalizing the lease agreement.


This listing presents an exceptional opportunity to rent a lavish 4-bedroom property with a pool at Executive Paradise Complex in South Jakarta. With its generous living spaces, premium amenities, and prime location, this property promises a life of luxury and convenience. Don’t miss the chance to experience the epitome of refined living in the heart of the city. Contact Putu Rahmawati at 081291564018 and make this dream home yours today!

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